Re: archive by months and years

1999-11-04 10:29:42
On 11/4/99 at 1:39 PM, andy_k(_at_)cksr(_dot_)ac(_dot_)bialystok(_dot_)pl 
(Andrzej Kasperowicz)

I think that it would be better, if Earl could set in Mhonarc by
default that it would divide messages by months, and years (into
separate folders/pages). 

One reason I wouldn't want this to happen is that people seem to
somewhat regularly suffer from poorly set clocks, which can be off by
years.  If MHonArc was trying to be intelligent in putting mail where
its date header said it would go, it would make more mistakes.  But if
procmail is dumping mail into files based on when they arrive, or you
have a wrapper script feeding new messages to mhonarc with explicit
instructions about which archive to use, then the furthest off a message
is going to be filed is at the beginning or the end of its archive
length (often just a month).

There's plenty of material in the list archives about using procmail and
such to organize new messages by date.  If you're looking to organize an
old mailbox, I recommend using either Eudora Lite or Graham Barr's
MailTools perl module, whichever you're more comfortable with.


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