Re: archive by months and years

1999-11-04 11:04:36
On 11/4/99 at 9:50 AM, lnp3(_at_)columbia(_dot_)edu (Louis Proyect) wrote:

Furthermore, the script does not address itself to date anomalies
which are crucial for proper archiving. My mailing list has some
messages that, for example, are dated Oct 31, but are filtered into
the November archive--only because they arrived after midnight, Nov.1.

Why does this strike you as crucial?  

As I just a moment ago mentioned to Andrzej, if you want to get clever
about interpreting date headers in your mailbox-assignment scripts,
you're inheriting the responsibility to reject those date headers which
are wildly wrong.  That's a much more complex script; I'm not sure how
it should work.

If I were bothered by this slightly-wrong-month phenomenon, I'd probably
write a script to examine consecutive mailboxes, which would make it far
easier to correctly identify and relocate those few messages which may
be just on the wrong side of the fence.  

Incidentally, if you're not using the MailTools modules for your mbox
manipulation scripts, by all means look into it.  It takes care of the
identification and manipulation of individual messages for you, loading
a whole mailbox file neatly into an array.  It can also replace your
code for extraction of dates, or any other headers you care to specify.



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