Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-11 13:41:55
Andrzej Kasperowicz said:

Thank you for your helpful and comprehensive answer.

You're entirely welcome.

This may (or may not) actually be a "good" thing to do...

ok. you convinced me to archive periodically. :) [...]

<g>  I just explained *my* situation. I don't own/control the machine I run 
MHonArc on, so I have to play nicely with others.

Your mileage may vary.

P.S. Please respond either directly to me *or* to the list.  Getting 2
     copies of your response just confuses me.

Sorry, at the beginning I didn't notice that I was sending the previous
letter to you. I wanted to send it to the list, so when I noticed my
mistake I sent it again. I postulate to add to the list config file
Reply-to field to avoid such confusion.

Ack... Let not have a flame war on the "proper" use of Reply-To:!  It's
a frequent source of flamage on other lists I've been on.

I have a problem with author and subject indexes [...]. I don't know
how to refer to them in config file, since there are only IDXFNAME, and
TIDXFNAME used like this: <li><a href="$IDXFNAME$">Chemfan Archive Main
Index</a></li> but how to refer to author or subject indexes if there is
nothing like  AIDXFNAME or SIDXFNAME? 

Each OTHERINDEX resource file can specify a "main" (non-threaded) index
and a threaded index.  IDXFNAME refers to the non-threaded index and
TIDXFNAME refers threaded index *within* a particular resource file.

So in author.mrc, just set IDXFNAME to the desired prefix for the
author index pages.  Ditto for subject.mrc.

The "main" index defaults to Date, you can make it Author or Subject by
specifying the AUTHSORT or SUBSORT resources.  The default resource setting
is SORT (which sorts the main index by date).  You can also set NOSORT
which will list the messages by message number.

The REVERSE resource reverses the order of the main index (newest first for 
indices and Z -> A for AUTHOR and SUBJECT indices).

The TSORT resource will arrange the threads by date and the TSUBSORT
resource by subject.

TREVERSE does for the threaded index what REVERSE does for the non-threaded

So there are 7 distinct versions of the main index:

Date     old -> new   <SORT> (the default)
Date     new -> old   <SORT> <REVERSE>
Author    A  ->  Z    <AUTHSORT>
Author    Z  ->  A    <AUTHSORT> <REVERSE>
Subject   A  ->  Z    <SUBSORT>
Subject   Z  ->  A    <SUBSORT> <REVERSE>
Msg Num  low -> high  <NOSORT>

Earl... Would REVERSE have any effect combined with NOSORT?

and 4 distinct versions of the threaded index:

Threads arranged by date    old -> new  <TSORT> (the default)
Threads arranged by date    new -> old  <TSORT> <TREVERSE>
Threads arranged by subject  A  -> Z    <TSUBSORT> 
Threads arranged by subject  Z  -> A    <TSUBSORT> <TREVERSE>

My rcfile for mhonarc has the following content.
You may have a look at the result here: 

I can't find the reason why there are small boolets as first (I would
prefer big  one first) and why there are empty lines between threads
(something like  <p>?). [...]

I can't help you here..  There *are* ways of changing the bullet style
but I don't know what they are.

Do outdir, quiet, stdin work in rcfile?

Nope.  Check the documentation on the resources.

stdin is a command line only parameter "-stdin"

quiet is a command line only parameter "-quiet"

outdir can be specified on the command-line "-outdir path" or as an
environment variable "M2H_OUTDIR=path"

[snip resource files]

<center> CHEMFAN<br> 
popular chemistry discussion list archive.<hr></center> 

How could I have my title formated like above but without these tags 
displayed in bookmark file page title when the page is bookmarked?

popular chemistry discussion list archive.<hr></center> 

Apparently, you can't used any kind of html markup (bold, center) in the
html for title.


Which shows which resources are associated with various parts
of the index and messages pages and then look at the resource
definitions themselves.

It's IDXPGBEGIN for main indices and TIDXPGBEGIN for threaded
indices.  The <TITLE> </TITLE> is specified as:

  <TITLE>{HYPERLINK  \l "IDXTITLE"}$IDXTITLE$</TITLE>   for main indexes     and
  <TITLE>$TIDXTITLE$</TITLE>  for threaded indices

In order to fix-up the title of the actual page, you'll have to
specify the IDXPGBEGIN and TIDXPGBEGIN resources.


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