Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-05 03:19:40

The latest versions of Pegasus *can* store message "folders" in mbox
format if you tell it to.

You can have a look at this messages saved from pegasus here:

I took a look.

MSGSEP helped somewhat. Thanks. But I had to use non-standard regexp. With
just plain -msgsep it didn't work (probably because of missing colon?). I
tried ^From: but in that case I lost sender:

Apparently every message but the first is preceded by:

"-- End --"

If you could insert that string at the beginning of the file (to
properly delimit the first message), you *should* be able to use
the MSGSEP resource:

  ^-- End --$

I tried before ^-- End --
and Mhonarc didn't like the space after -- 
What is that $ for? Does it help with the spaces?

Unfortunatelly, things are more complicated than that, because the next day 
when some new messages arrvive and are appended (by means of the 
command added to subscribers list:
|/bin/cat >> /home/andyk/public_html/chemfan/archive/chemfan.mails.inbox )
to this file with pegasus stored past mails:
Mhonarc (run by cron without msgsep, since it seems not necessary to do it 
for new incoming messages) creates new threads.html, and mailist.html
without all those mails created yesterday with use of -msgsep. 
The same happens when I delete content of the file chemfan.mails.inbox (I 
would prefer to delete it), after mhonarc run, so it seems that content of this 
file cannot be deleted.
What to do about those things?


PS. I also would prefer if mhonarc could run immediately after new message 
using this command in subscribers file
|/bin/cat >> /home/andyk/public_html/chemfan/archive/chemfan.mails.inbox
arrives. How could I do that?