Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-11 16:45:02
On November 11, 1999 at 07:19, "Andrzej Kasperowicz" wrote:

I have a problem with author and subject indexes (why Earl does not set 
them by default?).

Because they add extra processing overhead.  If you want the extra
work to be done, you need to explicitly specify it.

I don't know how to refer to them in config file, since th
are only IDXFNAME, and TIDXFNAME used like this: 
<li><a href="$IDXFNAME$">Chemfan Archive Main Index</a></li> 
but how to refer to author or subject indexes if there is nothing like  

Just do
        <a href="subject.html">Chemfan Archive Subject Index</a>
I.e. Just use the name you gave the index file.

If you do not like "hard-coding" the name, use DEFINEVAR to create
a custom resource variable to represent the name.

My rcfile for mhonarc has the following content.
You may have a look at the result here: 
I can't find the reason why there are small boolets as first (I would prefer 
one first) and why there are empty lines between threads (something like  

You forgot to include the initial "<UL>" in THEAD.

Do outdir, quiet, stdin work in rcfile?