Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-11 17:53:00

On November 11, 1999 at 10:57, "Simeon ben Nevel" wrote:

[nice info snipped]

Thanks for the kind words....  

All the info is in the docs, but it's sometimes hard to ferret it out and 
integrate the bits from various places. 

MHonArc is a supremely flexible product, but the learning curve is fairly 
steep for non-programmer types and there are some tricks that aren't in 
the docs at all.

A good example of this "hidden" power is the undocumented (in any place I 
could find) ability to refer to resources created with <DEFINEVARS> on the 
command-line.  Earl clued me into that ability in response to my question 
about getting command-line parms to apply to an <OTHERINDEXES> resource 

It would be an interesting *and* useful exercise for the list as a whole 
to try to develop a collection of these sorts of tricks, tips and helpful 

Happily, just using the defaults produces a usable (if not particularly 
aesthetic) archive.

Earl... Would REVERSE have any effect combined with NOSORT?

It should. [...]

I don't know why anyone would bother doing it, but it's nice to know.

Nice summary of the various index types.  I should include it in
the docs/FAQ.

Feel free to re-use my commentary for the docs/FAQ in any fashion you'd 

  I hereby explicity relinquish any copyright interest in the posting that 
  Earl is talking about  

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