Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-05 05:11:52
On Thu, 4 Nov 1999 18:11:20 +0200
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On 11/4/99 at 1:37 PM, andy_k(_at_)cksr(_dot_)ac(_dot_)bialystok(_dot_)pl 
(Andrzej Kasperowicz)

Mails from the file which I saved from the pegasus mail folder do not
want to be processed by mhonarc like separate mails, but as a one
mail. Why? What to do about that?

Check the MSGSEP resource as Al suggests, but I've never used Pegasus
mail -- does it store files in mbox format, like Pine or Eudora?  if
MSGSEP doesn't help you, try posting two consecutive raw messages from
your datastore to the list.

Pegasus Mail seperates its mails with chr(26).
So the perl regexp should be (untested):


I didn't know this resource. Sometimes it really is worth asking on 
the list to daily learn something new.

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