Re: one message instead of multiple - why?

1999-11-04 14:02:07

Check the MSGSEP resource as Al suggests, but I've never used Pegasus
mail -- does it store files in mbox format, like Pine or Eudora?  if
MSGSEP doesn't help you, try posting two consecutive raw messages from
your datastore to the list.

The latest versions of Pegasus *can* store message "folders" in mbox
format if you tell it to.

You can have a look at this messages saved from pegasus here:

I took a look.

MSGSEP helped somewhat. Thanks. But I had to use non-standard regexp. With
just plain -msgsep it didn't work (probably because of missing colon?). I
tried ^From: but in that case I lost sender:

Apparently every message but the first is preceded by:

"-- End --"

If you could insert that string at the beginning of the file (to
properly delimit the first message), you *should* be able to use
the MSGSEP resource:

  ^-- End --$



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