Re: .bin extension

1999-12-13 18:43:25
On December 13, 1999 at 16:36, "Dr. Luis Mandel" wrote:

content-type is multipart/mixed;
I got a correct html page whose text corresponds to the body of the
message and with a link to the second part. This second part is an
attachment of a real audio. The file is correctly decompressed and a
lik to this file appears at the bottom of the html page. Up to now all
correct, but the extension of the attachment is a .bin file and it
should be a .rm 

MHonArc keys of the content-type to determine the filename extension.
This is proper behavior.  Unfortunately, there are MUAs out there
that do not label data properly, thinking the filename is sufficient.
However, the filename mentioned is only informative, and for
security reasons, should not be used as a way to tell what the
data type is.

To help work-around this problem, MHonArc does support the ability
to key off the specified filename.  You can do something like the following
in your MHonArc resource file.

application/octet-stream; usenameext

This will cause MHonArc to use the filename extension of the filename
specified in the message when writing binary data to disk.  See
the MIMEFILTERS and MIMEARGS resource pages of the documentation for
more information.

Note, using this feature can open up a security hole if you have
server-side includes active.


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