web admin interface

1999-12-16 12:17:47

Like many people, I have been trying to develop a web admin 
interface for my users forum administrators.

From searching the MHonArc archive most people seem to be
adding or removing messages directly from the live HTML.

I am trying a different approach whereby I edit the actual
mailboxes.  My problem is I can't call my rebuild script
from within a CGI script.

the CGI code is as follows:
        # rebuild MHonArc

The 'mkarchive' shell script is as follows:
        # devpt forum dir
        # Remove public forum
        /usr/bin/rm $FORUMDIR/msg*.html
        /usr/bin/rm $FORUMDIR/thread*.html
        /usr/bin/rm $FORUMDIR/date.html
        /usr/bin/rm $FORUMDIR/.mhonarc.db
        # Create devpt forum
        mhonarc -rcfile $HOME/../devpt/mhonarc/mh_forumrc -nodoc -outdir 

The 'mkarchive' script does get called as the forum gets
deleted. The problem lies when calling mhonarc.


Andrew McGregor, NISS, PO BOX 2674, BATH, BA2 7XY.
T: 01225 826 826 ext. 4717; F: 01225 826 177; E: am(_at_)niss(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk

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