Re: web admin interface

1999-12-17 06:03:49

I have changed my script to the following:

 # rebuild MHonArc
 system ("/opt/mhonarc/bin/mhonarc -rcfile
 -nodoc -outdir /data/www/devpt/docs/forum

and the error log is as follows:

 Insecure dependency in mkdir while running setuid at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/   line 98.
 [Fri Dec 17 09:58:56 1999] 3: Use of uninitialized value at /dev/fd/3
line 20.

I have had to 'chmod +s' to move mails from box to box,
and I get the unitialised value error in different parts of the same
anyway, so there doesn't appear to be any output.

Is there any error checking I can do within the script?
I tried 'or die "$!\n";' to no avail.

Regarding the dev admin interface included with MHonArc, the reason I'm
currently using it is because my users want to be able to moderate the
They don't want messages going live immediately, and (for some reason)
would like to be able to suspend messages by writing them to a different

I can do all this with 
 use Mail::Internet;
 use Mail::Util qw(read_mbox);
and is working quite smoothy, its just rebuilding the archive

Thanks again.


Michael Yount wrote:
$HOME appears to be the home directory of whatever user
the HTTP daemon runs as.  Is that the correct location?

It would be helpful to see the messages that appear in
your error log when the CGI script is run.



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