Re: Mhonarc 2.4.4 and MS Access database import

1999-12-21 14:03:25
On 12/20/99 at 12:40 PM, pobrien(_at_)mountain(_dot_)org (Dan O'Brien) wrote:

I would also like to generate a database of all these postings for
import into MS Access 97. I also have Cold Fusion 4 available, but its
POP implementation doesn't handle unusual mail headers as well as
Mhonarc (we have a world-wide mailing list).

I don't get the impression that most people on this list are big fans of
proprietary microsoft databases.  I've done a fair amount of work with
mhonarc and SQL databases in the last couple of weeks, though, and
people have been putting search engines into use going on forever --
perhaps if you can better describe what it is you'd like to accomplish,
someone will be better able to help.


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