General newbie question

1999-12-22 15:18:39

Some general questions about server sizing / resources from a newbie.

1. Anyone willing to estimate the amount of disk space required to generate
a MHonArc HTML archive from a set of Majordomo archives currently at 10

2. Our server is a P90 with 64 megs of RAM running Red Hat Linux and Apache
web server. Hosts a small web site (minimal traffic) and sendmail services
for the mailing list (max 2 messages / day on average). Is this enough horse
power to run MHonArc?

3. Will the same server also support adding search capabilities like


Stu Miller                   |         Taratec Development Corporation
LIMS and Lab Automation      |   Bridgewater NJ, Newark DE, Chicago IL
908-725-8090 x146            |               

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