TLB and MHonArc

2000-01-06 12:21:38
Has anyone integrated MHonArc support into TLB (Jason Tibbett's mail
bulkifier for MajorDomo)?  I have switched from HyperMail to MHonArc.  I
run a script every hour, on the hour, for indexing the mail archives on
the web.  I would prefer that the messages be added to the index "on the
fly" rather than through the hourly cron job.

The main problem I see is how do you create the montly directories at
the web site (i.e. _/topband/199912) automatically at the start of each
month, when the first message arrives?  HyperMail created these
directories on the fly, but MHonArc apparently does not.

I have about 20 lists that I would like to set up this way.

Thanks - Jim

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