Re: MHonArc and TLB

2000-01-06 14:28:18
"JR" == Jim Reisert <Jim_Reisert(_at_)mint-tech(_dot_)com> writes:

JR> You use MHonArc to index the MajorDomo archives - do you have
JR> it integrated into TLB?

[TLB is a tool somewhat like bulk_mailer that I wrote some time ago.  It
has a weird and complicated configuration mechanism but can do some neat

No, I use Wilma, which runs nightly and picks up all new messages from the
archive files and runs the indexer.

JR> Do you recommend I create a separate command-line option for doing the
JR> MHonArc indexing "on the fly" or make it part of the -a option?  Is -c
JR> "open for use" or does it already have another meaning (-a seems to do
JR> archiving and -b does digesting)?
Options in [abclxyz] are reserved as user options.  If you're using a
modification of mj.tlb, just stick something like this near the bottom:

if ($opt_c) {
  $send_to_externals = 1;
        'commandline' => "/path/to/mhonarc -options etc. etc.",
        'pipemessage' => 1,
        'needsfrom'   => 1,

Actually I'm not sure if MHonArc wants the From_ separator in a single
message; if it doesn't, remove the 'needsfrom'.  Remember that you have
$list_name available to pass to MHonArc.

JR> One complication is that archives are monthly (each month in its own
JR> directory) and as far as I can tell, MHonArc does not mkdir the new
JR> output directory as-needed like HyperMail does.

You can mkdir the directory in the $opt_c code above, I suppose.  You could
also wrap or hack mhonarc to do it.

JR> The other complication is that I want to do this on about 20 lists -
JR> guess I'm going to have to have a case or switch statement inside my
JR> .TLB file to set appropriate list titles and archive directories based
JR> on the list name.

Someone once came up with a way to pass TLB options down from the resend
command line.  I don't recall how this worked, though.  In your case,
you'll probably need to hack to pass the appropriate flags for
the appropriate lists.

 - J<

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