Y2K Problem with MhonArc 2.4.4

2000-01-12 14:21:52

I am using MhonArc 2.4.4 to build a web-based mailing list archive
on a Sun Solaris 7 machine.

In my resource file (top.mrc), I have following four resources
defined: TTopBegin, TLiTxt, TSingleTxt, and LiTemplate.  The
first three affect the thread index page and the last the
non-thread index page(s).  For your reference, my values for
these resources are included at the bottom of this email

In each of these resources, note that I have included the
following string: $MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%m/%d/%y %H%M)

The end result of this is that the index pages include the
month, day, year, hour, and minute that each message was posted.
This information is useful to have on the index pages, but is
not the MhonArc default.

Note that the year value (%y) in the $MSGLOCALDATE is supposed
to be a 2-digit year value.  However, for messages posted in the 
year 2000, it is printing out "100", as in the following example:

* NT console 01/11/100 08:38
  John Doe

It works fine for dates that begin with "19", printing "1999"
as "99" for example.

A workaround is that I changed the "%y" in $MSGLOCALDATE to "%Y"
which is the 4-digit year, and rebuilt my indexes with the
mhonarc "-editidx" option.  The 4-digit year prints out properly,
but it would be nice if "%y" worked too.

Brian Cameron
Sun Microsystems

--Resources that include $MSGLOCALDATE in my resource file follow--

<!-- Top of a thread -->
<li><a $A_NAME$><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong></A>
    $MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%m/%d/%y %H:%M)$<br>

<li><a $A_NAME$ href="msg$MSGNUM$.html">$FROMNAME$</A>
   $MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%m/%d/%y %H:%M)$ $NOTE$

<li><a $A_NAME$><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong></A><br>
<A HREF="msg$MSGNUM$.html">$FROMNAME$</A>
   $MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%m/%d/%y %H:%M)$ $NOTE$

<li><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong> $MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%m/%d/%y %H:%M)$<br>

Note that my indexes are built using a list (<ul>) which explains
the <li> and </li> tags.

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