Re: Deleting Mail frm Pop Account

2000-01-26 14:35:52
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anthony(_at_)aplusdata(_dot_)com <anthony(_at_)aplusdata(_dot_)com> wrote:
Is it possible to automatically delete the mail MHonArc copies from the pop
account during a normal daily archive?

In <029d01bf6825$0423d8c0$d5f5f6ce(_at_)aplusdata(_dot_)com>,
john(_at_)sapic(_dot_)org <john(_at_)sapic(_dot_)org> wrote:
Is it possible to delete mail in a pop account during the archiving process?

You should be able to tell whatever POP client fetches mail from the POP
server to tell the POP server to delete retrieved messages after the
client has received them.  You may want to keep an unarchived copy of
the messages on the client host, perhaps in mbox format, in case you
ever want to rebuild an archive from scratch.

For more abut POP, see:

for more specific to your POP client, knowing what 
client you have and similar details might be helpful.

Denis McKeon

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