Re: Deleting Mail frm Pop Account

2000-01-26 14:36:59
anthony(_at_)aplusdata(_dot_)com wrote:

Is it possible to automatically delete the mail MHonArc copies
from the pop account during a normal daily archive?

One way is to use the Net::POP3 Perl module. I run MHonArc from a
script, where the actual MhonArc execution is preceded by a Net::POP3
routine. Basically it
  1) Copies messages from a pop account, and adds them to a mbox
     file on the server
  2) Deletes the messages from the pop account
  3) Adds new messages to the MHonArc archive from the mbox file

Please feel free to study my script at
Step 1) and 2) above are done by the subroutine "pop3retrieve" in the
end of the script.

/ Gunnar

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