Re: MHonArc and PHP (for <TITLE> Generation)

2000-02-03 13:54:29
On 2/3/2000 at 9:42 AM, Peter(_dot_)Losher(_at_)nominum(_dot_)com (Peter 
Losher) wrote:

Is there any way to have MHonArc parse out the (")'s in the subject
before generating that PHP statement?  (I have been doing them by hand
in the meantime)

I've never written a line of PHP, but I suspect that the reason this
hasn't come up here before is that it's less of a mhonarc issue than a
PHP issue.  How PHP chooses to escape quotes in strings sounds pretty

A quick glance over FAQs seems to suggest that something called
"magic_quotes.runtime" in a PHP initialization file is the right switch
for escape issues such as you describe.


Does this look practical for your purposes?


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