Re: threads list

2000-02-04 01:20:13
On February 3, 2000 at 10:43, John Hogan wrote:

We're running into the same threading problem again...

Actually, it is a problem with main index, not the thread index.
I am guess the problem is of duplicate content showing up
on the index page.

Lists worked fine over the first of the year 

I have been through the .mhonarc.db files in each directory and they're 
identical - no one
changed the *.rcs file either.

We went through several steps to correct the problem:
- delete mhonarc.db
- delete index.html and threads.html

Deleting index.html should be enough.

- run mha-dbrecover
- mhonarc -editidx - treverse -reverse -rcfile pathtorcfile.rcs

This fixed the problem, however, the problem recurrs on a monthly
basis. We need a solution that will last, not just a 'fix'.

Apparently, there is a recurring problem where mhonarc fails
to write out maillist.html (which you have renamed to index.html)
completely.  This can be due to an file I/O error, or abnormal
termination.  Do you log any error messages?

maillist.html is actually parsed instead of completely rewritten
each time due to historical usage: support for HEADER and FOOTER
resources.  If a write error occurs, or the index is not completely
written, the special marker tags are not outputed to support proper
processing in future archive updates.

The docs warn that HEADER and FOOTER may not be supported in
future versions.  I could finally remove them, and have maillist.html
handled like threads.html.  In this case, the ever-growing
index page problem you have can be avoided.


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