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2000-02-03 11:05:14
We're running into the same threading problem again...

Lists worked fine over the first of the year (

I have been through the .mhonarc.db files in each directory and they're identical - no one
changed the *.rcs file either.

We went through several steps to correct the problem:
- delete mhonarc.db
- delete index.html and threads.html
- run mha-dbrecover
- mhonarc -editidx - treverse -reverse -rcfile pathtorcfile.rcs

This fixed the problem, however, the problem recurrs on a monthly
basis. We need a solution that will last, not just a 'fix'.

Any ideas?

John Hogan
Systems Administrator Corporation ? The Business Email List Experts ?
SparkLIST Email List Hosting, Promotions & Management Service
Tel: +1 920-490-5901, ext 219 ?

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