Re: wilma/glimpse users?

2000-02-12 22:03:12
"MJ" == Morris Jones <mojo(_at_)whiteoaks(_dot_)com> writes:

MJ> Is this fixed in the 4.12 version of glimpse that's on

I don't know; 4.11 didn't have it fixed.

MJ> I can't find 3.6 available on the glimpse web page.

I think it's still around at

MJ> Will the webglimpse people let me use the 4.12 version of glimpse
MJ> without paying for it?

Well, you'd have to read the license carefully or ask them to be sure, but
I think the real restriction is commercial usage.

The solution to all of this is to ditch glimpse and use htdig.  A goodly
portion of Wilma would simply disappear because htdig presents the search
results itself, and you can still get most of the useful functionality.
(One of the important things I worked on when writing Wilma was making sure
you never got hits on the index pages or in the next/previous message
links.  I've always thought that such things make a search engine nearly
useless.)  What's really required is configuring or hacking MHonArc to put
the proper htdig-specific comments in so that it only indexes the necessary
portions of the MHonArc-generated pages.

 - J<

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