Re: wilma/glimpse users?

2000-02-13 01:02:57
I've gotten wilma/glimpse/mhonarc running on my home web server, and I
ran into a problem with glimpse noted in the wilma documentation:

"Version 3.6 is recommended because version 4 of glimpse is broken
in that it corrupts the index when doing incremental additions."

For now I'm doing wilma_reindex -f to force a complete rebuild.

Is this fixed in the 4.12 version of glimpse that's on

I've been successfully using 4.11 with incremental updates since
August 1998 on what currently totals 587 megs of mailing list archives.
Each day adds about 500K of indexable data.  There have been one or two
full reindexes in there (I should really do more to optimize the thing),
but I can't say for sure when they took place.

I have heard of people having problems, but since I don't use Wilma I
can't say if it's due to a difference in commandline options or something
OS-related, like shared libraries.

I know that I *did* run into problems until I added '-b'.

The arguments that I pass to glimpseindex are

   glimpseindex -b -T -t -f -H $outdir $indir

I'm running my old RedHat 4.1 binary on a RedHat 6.0 system:

   # ldd /mnt/WWW/Admin/bin/glimpseindex 
  => /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/ (0x4000c000)

Will the webglimpse people let me use the 4.12 version of glimpse
without paying for it? is my implementation.

If it's for non-commercial use, my understanding is that you don't have
to pay.


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