Re: MHonArc: The reason that .zip no longer available

2000-02-17 20:44:14
On February 18, 2000 at 00:34, Gerry Hickman wrote:

I would like to phase out the use of .zip for the following
main reason: it is less efficient at compressing data than
the other formats.  The .zip file is always around 60% larger
than tar/gz.

Personally I think it's a bad idea, especially as creating a zip is very
quick and easy. To me, standards are more important than size but then I
guess it could be argued that "tar" is more standard than zip anyway...

Correct, tar existed before zip.  Plus, gzip is common place now,
and works better than zip.  Even commercial companies are moving
over to gzip for file distribution since it provides better compression.

As for ease of creation, it is easier for me to create a tar/gz
file than a zip file (however, I automated it in my release process).
Plus, since we are only dealing with extraction, in this case,
the process of creation is mute.  We are dealing with extraction

You need to provide practical reasons, instead of personal opinion,
for me to continue to provide .zip releases.


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