MHonArc: The reason that .zip no longer available

2000-02-17 16:57:41
MHonArc Users,

I have gotten a couple of private messages asking about a
.zip version of the MHonArc distribution.

I would like to phase out the use of .zip for the following
main reason: it is less efficient at compressing data than
the other formats.  The .zip file is always around 60% larger
than tar/gz.

For Windows users, WinZip (probably the most popular zip tool)
can extract tar/gz files.  For those using Cygwin, the GNU tar
program can be used.  I am sure there are other programs for
Windows that can be used.

BTW, there is, and has never been, any file content differences
between zip and tar/gz releases.  The same now applies to bz2.
So Windows users will not lose out on anything with the tar/gz

If for whatever reasons there is enough of you that still
require a .zip file, and can continue to provide one.  However,
I see no real reasons at this time to do so.


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