Re: Further encryption of email addresses?

2000-02-17 17:23:16
On 2/17/2000 at 1:40 PM, david(_at_)midrange(_dot_)com (David Gibbs) wrote:

I need to find a way to further encrypt the email addresses in a
mhonarc web archive.  

Do you really want to encrypt them, or do you just want to obscure them? 
Please be more specific.

In addition, I need to find a way to encrypt email addresses that are
included in the body of a message ... not just in the headers.

Good luck with that.  There's a 6600-byte regular expression to
recognize legal email addresses included with Jeffrey Friedl's O'Reilly
regex book, but I've never seen it implemented in the wild.

If you're worried about robots trawling for spammable addresses, you're
probably better off just including a link to one of those CGIs that
randomly generates spurious addresses.


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