Re: Further encryption of email addresses?

2000-02-17 20:37:35
On February 17, 2000 at 17:45, Nathaniel Irons wrote:

On 2/17/2000 at 1:40 PM, david(_at_)midrange(_dot_)com (David Gibbs) wrote:

I need to find a way to further encrypt the email addresses in a
mhonarc web archive.  

Do you really want to encrypt them, or do you just want to obscure them? 

This is a good question, since there is a significant different
between the two.

In addition, I need to find a way to encrypt email addresses that are
included in the body of a message ... not just in the headers.

Good luck with that.  There's a 6600-byte regular expression to
recognize legal email addresses included with Jeffrey Friedl's O'Reilly
regex book, but I've never seen it implemented in the wild.

You can get away with a more brain-dead regex (btw, Jeffrey's
regex still does not recognize all legal addresses -- it
only handles two levels of nested ()'s instead of an arbitrary
level of nesting).

I should mention that manipulating of addresses in message *bodies* has
come up before on this list, and the reasons have been discussed on why
MHonArc does not it (some technical and some even legal).  You can
write your filter to munge addresses in bodies, but inform list
subscribers that such an action will occur for message they send to the
list.  Generally, for people who are concerned about spamming, already
munge there address in their signature or reply-to address.


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