Re: news and mhonarc

2000-02-17 21:03:28
On February 17, 2000 at 00:00, Andreas Vogt wrote:

I already read, it's possible to do so. First ties with suck and mhonarc  
were ok.

I am assuming "suck" is a program.  Interesting name choice.

Now - I'd like to get archives for every newsgroup (out of about 20).
So - must I run mhonarc for every newsgroup seperately or is teher any way  
to specify which news is sorted to special folder/dir/archive?

If you are going to have separate archives for each newsgroup, then
you run mhonarc separately for each one.

What can I do to sort news by months?

For mail, people typically procmail.  For news, when you are "suck"ing,
you can direct message to goto the proper archives (unless suck does
not give you filtering ability).  I've done this with Perl and POP for
mail, and I believe many others have done something similiar.

Is there a better way than suck to get news from nntp server?

I'd probably use Perl and the NNTP modules.  I do not know suck
(by I do know crap :-) so I cannot compare the two methods.

At last  I noticed, that  threads don't work very well. news under similar  
or identical subject will be threaded, even if they aren't Re's.

What news reader do you use?
See <> on how
MHonArc does threads.  If you have a case where you think MHonArc
should have threaded something, please provide an example.  BTW,
"Re:" is not used as a basis of threading.

If I follow the hypelrinks for "thread next" at the end of a thread, I get  
the first news from a seperate thread.

I use trn, so that kind of functionality does not bother me.  I prefer
to not have users hit a dead end.

Can't mhonarc set a stop mark? Can I disable the last "next by thread"  
with resources?

Not with resources.  I think there is a problem if there is no more
thread next to jump to the next thread and only a date next exists.
Date next is not typically appropriate to jump to the next thread,
so you force the user to pop back to the index page to goto
to the next thread.  MHonArc's default layout is designed so
users can read through an archive w/o have to jump back forth
between the index pages and the message pages.

There has been requests to get $TSLICE$ to only contain information
of the current thread, and I think this is not a bad idea.


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