news and mhonarc

2000-02-17 11:08:44

I'd like to use mhonarc for news archive.

I already read, it's possible to do so. First ties with suck and mhonarc  
were ok.

Now - I'd like to get archives for every newsgroup (out of about 20).
So - must I run mhonarc for every newsgroup seperately or is teher any way  
to specify which news is sorted to special folder/dir/archive?

What can I do to sort news by months?

Is there a better way than suck to get news from nntp server?

At last  I noticed, that  threads don't work very well. news under similar  
or identical subject will be threaded, even if they aren't Re's.

If I follow the hypelrinks for "thread next" at the end of a thread, I get  
the first news from a seperate thread.

Can't mhonarc set a stop mark? Can I disable the last "next by thread"  
with resources?
Does anybody have a good example how to do so?

Thanks for any hint
(Yes i readd the full Documentation and parts of the FAQ, but I couldn't  
find the answer by myself)


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