Re: Can't locate auto/Digest/MD5/

2000-02-24 15:19:31
On 2/24/2000 at 9:42 AM, Jim_Reisert(_at_)mint-tech(_dot_)com (Jim Reisert) 

The module I tried to build and install was Digest-MD5-2.09 that I
found on CPAN.

I did not find an md5_hex anywhere in that kit.

Run this line from the shell:

perl -e "use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex); print md5_hex(\"you've saved me 
network!\") . \"\n\";"

If it returns anything other than this MD5 hash:


then you have improperly installed the Digest::MD5 module, or "perl" is
aliased to an undesirable copy of the interpreter on your system.
Troubleshooting on that level is best attempted on-site.


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