Setting up Wilma on existing MHonArc archives?

2000-04-15 18:02:13
Couple newbie setup questions re Wilma with existing MHonArc archives and
regexs for mbox and html directories. I have existing MHonArc archives
( that we would like to add wilma to
for search capabilities.

Wondering if I need to recreate the MHonArc html archive from scratch using
wilma or just use wilma_reindex over existing MHonArc archives? Here's the
existing setup:

- majordomo mbox archives in #md_root#/lists/lims.archive/lims.YYMM
- MHonArc html archives in #web_root#/lims/YYYY
- No clue how to do perl regexs.

Question #1
Specifically, will the default ARC_REGEX in the $ work on this?
ARC_REGEX  = ((?:19|20)?\\d\\d)(\\d\\d)$

Question #2
What should the MBOX_REGEX look like to work for the directory named like

Question #3
I currently use a version of "webnewmail" run as a cron job nightly that
correctly determines the correct html outdir directory name ($yearfull).
Will wilma find the correct year directories and use them as -outdir to

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