Re: MHonarc archives with internationalisation

2000-04-20 15:21:06

I wrote a large (English) resource file that overrode almost everything.
Then I wrote a short sed script to create a derived resouce file, replacing
all the English words with the localized language. As far as I can tell,
this is approach is the most reasonable way to support localization, if you
need to support multiple languages. My files wouldn't be good for
a "cookbook example" though, because I also do a lot of custom formatting
in the resource file.

I am also interested in a localization, for the german language. Is there any
"cookbook example" which describes only those rcfile settings which are
necessyry for this job? There are examples for Mhonarc in non-english languages
(e.g. dutch), but I would like to see just the "minimum requirements" for a

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