why no META tag for charset?

2000-04-20 14:30:39

Recently, I've been on an internationalization/localization kick.
I just read the relevant portion of the HTML specification
and found it refreshingly clear.

Let's assume I want to process an email with some weird character set,
like ISO646-SE. It appears the right thing for MHonArc to do is
produce a HTML document that includes:

  <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO646-SE">

But as far as I can tell, MHonArc won't produce that meta tag. Thus
the character set information is lost, which can result in a difficult
to render web page.

I suspect there is a reason for this, but I'm not sure what it
is.  (I know there will be an issue if email contains multiple
character sets, since this is not supported in HTML documents.)

HTML4 specification, character sets:

IANA Registry of character sets:

Character Set Converters Resource (MHonArc)

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