Re: why no META tag for charset?

2000-04-21 21:59:11

A potential solution would be to put the different message parts into
different files in the archive, and use the remainder of the message as
a container for URLs to those files, mimicking the MIME message
structure in HTML.  I haven't looked to see how/if one can do that in
MHonarc, but this seems like a problem similar to archiving a multi-part
with multiple graphic inclusions.

Sounds like that would work. I guess the competition is the
"do-nothing-and-let-break" approach, and the "convert-to-unicode" approach.
Each has distinct advantages.

Rely on a graphical interface instead of text?

Grumble, grumble, grumble. I'd rather help make programs and protocols 
smart enough to deal with these sorts of (tractable) issues.

BTW, while I applaud the desire to display localized headers I hope that
any reply/follow-up interface is sending the canonical RFC 822 & later
headers and keywords "on the wire", and not helping create messages like:

Subject: Re: Sv: Re: Ab: Re:

Not an problem for me. supplies a mailto: URL with an
embedded, unadulterated subject to the user's existing MUA.

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