Re: charset problem

2000-06-05 18:53:37
On June 5, 2000 at 23:41, xandulus(_at_)gmx(_dot_)at wrote:

iso_8859::str2sgml does not have a charset table for windows-1252.
So only HTML specials will be converted to entity references.

I was shure about this is not the correct table. Hoped that unknown
chars would pass unfiltered.

That is what should happen.

So, should I use "mhonarc::htmlize;" for a better approach?

It should work, and be faster.

Did you apply your resource file to mhonarc using the -rcfile option?

Yes, I can see it in the mhonacr.db file like:


Unsure why you would still get the error.

Do not know about search engines for WinNT?

Maybe there is a perl script someone successfully runs on NT?

You can try marc-search, but it currently has no owner.  There is
a link to it from the MHonArc home page.

I am converting from Netscape 4.7 mail files. Are there any well
known traps I might stumble in?

Make sure to compress folders/empty trash if you delete any mail from
Netscape.  This insures that the actual message data is removed from
the folders.  Otherwise, you will see messages in your mhonarc archives
that you thought you deleted from Netscape.


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