Re: Bug in v2.4.6?

2000-07-17 18:02:43
On July 17, 2000 at 21:37, Gerry Hickman wrote:

I'm a little confused here; I thought you said in the past that the
resource file would over-ride the database settings, and since he's
"setting the resource to null", surely it should over-ride the settings
in the db?

Resource file _settings_ will supercede db settings.  This is on
a per resource basis.  If not, then if any command-line options
are given, then the resource file would have no affect.

(He's put a "." in the code above, but I assume he's denoting a "blank
line", as the blank line seems to be the fator that sets a resource to

No.  The "." denotes his old setting of excluding all fields.
As for EXCS, setting it to single blank line will not restore
the defaults.  That practice does not apply for resources that
support the Override attribute.


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