Re: using MHonArc via aliases

2000-07-17 20:36:01
On July 17, 2000 at 17:12, Lee Howard wrote:

I'd like to get rid of that user altogether without dumping the list and
able to continue receiving mail as always.  I have thought about an alias,
such as mailing lists like SmartList use, and have tried adding something
like this to aliases:

faxguy: "| mhonarc -outdir /home/httpd/html/lists -add"

But however I try it, the mail always bounces with this error:

ERROR: "/home/httpd/html/lists" is not writable
554 "| mhonarc -outdir /home/httpd/html/lists -add"... unknown mailer error 2

The problem has to do with file permissions.  When invoked via a user's
.forward file, mhonarc runs with the uid of the user.  When invoked from
a sendmail alias, mhonarc runs under a different uid, like "daemon".
You need to change the ownership of /home/httpd/html/lists (and all
files under it) to the uid sendmail runs external programs as.


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