Re: <x-html> tags and the like

2000-07-20 20:33:30
On July 20, 2000 at 15:42, Steve Crandall wrote:

I had about 8 messages that in the body of the e-mail had HTML formatted 
text.  This HTML layout was  surrounded by the <x-html> </x-html> tags in 
the archive file.  When the <x-html> tag was in place, the only thing seen 
on my final archived page was a </x-html>.  Removing both these tags from 
the .mbx file allowed the HTML formatted text to be show.  It was only 
after I took these steps, and cut and pasted the body text into the .mbx 
file that my archived files looked correct.

I having a little trouble visualizing the problem.  Can you provide
a URL to a sample mailbox file contain <x-html> tags?  This way I
can run mhonarc on it directly.

And on a side note, anyway to get the date to show up under the hyperlink 
on the main date or thread index page?

Look at the LITEMPLATE and TLITXT resources.


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