Re: x-html tags and the like(#2)

2000-07-26 18:31:35
On July 26, 2000 at 12:27, uwb wrote:

Sorry but I don't have a url to a sample mailbox file that I can provide
you.  However, I have included as an attachment a sample of the archive
that I am working on (testarch.mbx).  The archive represents about 170
messages but the verion I attached only has six messages.  I ran mhonarc
on it and got the same results I did before with the larger mailbox

Some of the messages are not encoded properly.  For example, the ones
with <x-html> tags have a specified Content-Type of
multipart/alternative, but there are no multipart boundaries in the
message.  Because of this, when I run mhonarc, I get the following
diagnostic output:

    ehood(_at_)medusa<119> mhonarc -out out 556.2.txt 
    Converting messages to out
    Reading 556.2.txt .Warning: No boundaries found in message body
    ...Warning: No boundaries found in message body
    .Warning: No boundaries found in message body

    Writing mail ......
    Writing out/maillist.html ...
    Writing out/threads.html ...
    Writing database ...
    6 messages

Now, mhonarc should still fallback to processing the entire message
body, but somehow the fallback code is failing.  I'll have to look
more into it on why it is happening.

Note, proper conversion is done if the incorrect Content-Type field
is corrected in the raw message (or deleted).  If MS software created
the mail/mailbox, then the software has a bug.

Thanks for the help on the LITEMPLATE and TLITXT resources.  Would you
point me into the right direction on creating hyperlinks to
attachments.  IE, eudora line in message reads:  attachment converted
to..........(would like to have mhonarc put hyperlink in here to pdf,
doc, zip, or whatever file is attached to the mesage)

Hyperlinks to attachments should be done automatically for you
with mhonarc's default filters.  Now if you are refering to links
to attachments from the index page, check the FAQ and the
question: Can I include links to message attachments on index pages?


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