keywords index ?

2000-10-21 09:54:30

Problem : As we can have threads, date and authors indexes, how do I make a
keywords index ?
With this,  MH should be used by a working group to access to the new
messages of a mailing list about the topics specified by keywords. Users
just send their messages to the list providing the keywords in the first
line of the body (because many MUA doesn't give access to the keywords
header field ).

Some elements of solution  :

a/Before using MH, process each message in order to put the keywords from
body to Keywords header field.
b/ With MH, put each keyword and his message number reference in the
mhonarc.db (how to?).
c/ Define an otherindex file and use something like keywords_sort (like
authsort) and rebuild the html messages from the database via mh-dbrecover.

Anybody to help me in this way ?

In advance, THANK YOU

Juan del Rey

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