Re: keywords index ?

2000-10-22 13:01:42
On October 21, 2000 at 16:21, Juan wrote:

Problem : As we can have threads, date and authors indexes, how do I make a
keywords index ?
With this,  MH should be used by a working group to access to the new

Since "MH" is the name of a MUA, it is best to refer to MHonArc as
MHonArc to avoid confusion.

messages of a mailing list about the topics specified by keywords. Users
just send their messages to the list providing the keywords in the first
line of the body (because many MUA doesn't give access to the keywords
header field ).

I would be inclined to utilize a search engine for such things.
Having a sort by keywords seems arbitrary, and can be of very little
use since a message can have multiple keywords specified.  Which
keyword is the sort key?  Do you a list a message for each keyword


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