Where can you have a definevar?

2000-10-22 19:01:31
I am trying to generate extra details to summaries a thread. In particular
the date of the first and last message in the thread as well as the number
of messages in the thread.

I am trying to do this by changing the TTOPEND resource to output things

To try and get the first date I want to save into a definevar the date of
the first message. So in the TTOPBEGIN I was defining a var called
FIRSTDATE and setting it to $MSGGMTDATE$ and then in my TTOPEND refering
to it as $FIRSTDATE$. 

Problem is it does not recongnise my define var. Looks like definevars can
only be set at the begining and not during the processing of other

Anyone know how I might be able to acheive what I want.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. MHonArc is just an amazing thing, blew me away when I first started
to play with it.