Questions not related to original message (was Re: Where can you have a definevar?)

2000-10-23 11:59:53
On October 23, 2000 at 11:42, Ilan wrote:

1)  As the more sophisticated programs are involving too much work,
I wonder if there is an elegant way to make the index.html file show
few lines of the posts after the header.

Not without code changes.  The main hurdle is that index pages are
generated independently from the message pages.  Huge overhead would
occur since for each message listed, the message page file must be read
to get the body of the message, a very I/O intensive operation.

2) I may find it if the main computer will return to live,
but I will appreciate the re-sending of the command that instruct mhonarc
to put the posts in monthly and/or weekly archives.

Since is done before mhonarc is invoked, there are multiple
possible solutions.  Since we do not know what you originally did,
I recommend search the list archives.


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