Re: Where can you have a definevar?

2000-10-24 17:28:42
On October 25, 2000 at 04:11, Rodos wrote:

Great. Does that mean I can also do $DATE(TTOP) and $DATE(TEND) in

$DATE(TTOP)$ is redundant ($DATE$ will suffice), but yes, you should
be able to what you want.

How do I get a copy of the latest code? From
or somewhere else? I am using debian and currently have mhonarc installed
from a deb, so I will have to remove that and "go with the source luke".

The latest source is on my Linux box at home.  There is no public
respository.  Should probably have one setup, but it will require that
I migrate from the revision control system I currently use for MHonArc
to something else (CVS).  Or I can try to see about mirroring the
latest source over to  A problem is that my PC is not always
connected (must dial-up), so I'll have to either manually do it, or
setup a batch job to dial-up, copy files over, and disconnect.

I'll see about making a patch release (2.4.7) sometime tonight or