Re: Where can you have a definevar?

2000-10-24 13:39:20
On October 24, 2000 at 10:44, Rodos wrote:

Well I gave it a try with the following.

The contect of the TTOPEND seams to be the parent thread, not the last
message in the thread, so the TPARENT comes out blank. The subject is that

Since TTOPEND is associated with the top/root message of a thread,
variable expansion is done within the context of the top message,
not the last message.  To be more technical, thread output is done
via a recursive subroutine, so when TTOPEND is evaluated, you are
back to the first invocation of the subroutine, where TTOPBEG was

of the top of the thread but the date seams to be inaccurate.

$DATE(TPARENT)$ probably evaluates to nothing.  The code does
not properly handle the case where a message has no parent (which
should cause the message to be its own parent).  $DATE$ should
expand to the date of the top message in your example (and I verified

Be nice if you could throw some perl code into the resource to do a bit of

This requires a user to know about the internals of MHonArc.  I try
to avoid this.  What I will do is add the following message specifiers:

        TTOP - Top/root message of current thread
        TEND - End/last message of cuurent thread

and, the following resource variable:

        $MSGTORDNUM$ - The oridinal number of message within a thread

Therefore, you should be able to do the following in TTOPEND to get
the number of messages in a thread:


Last night, I made the additions to my development copy of MHonArc,
and they appear to work.

BTW, $DATE$ gives you the raw date string of the message.  You may want
to use the $MSG*DATE$ variables instead since you can customize the