Re: Where can you have a definevar?

2000-10-23 19:12:57
On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Earl Hood wrote:

A possible solution to your problem is to use message specifiers
in variables that support them.  For example, $MSGGMTDATE$ can take
a message specification argument to denote the date of which message
you want.  To get the date of the first message of the main index,
do the following:


From the Resource Variables section of the documentation, the following
list of specifiers can be used:

      TPARENT - Parent message of current thread. 
      TPREV - Previous message by thread. 

      "CUR" is the default if nothing is specified for mesg_spec. 

Most of the MSG* resource variables can take a mesg_spec argument.
Check the Resource Variable Index for more information.

Well I gave it a try with the following.

The contect of the TTOPEND seams to be the parent thread, not the last
message in the thread, so the TPARENT comes out blank. The subject is that
of the top of the thread but the date seams to be inaccurate.

Note, I am unsure if what is currently supported by MHonArc will give
you the information you require.

Yep, looks like even if I could get the dates to work I could not get the
number of posts to work either.

Be nice if you could throw some perl code into the resource to do a bit of