Re: Does mhonarc2mbox exist?

2000-10-24 04:59:21
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On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Earl Hood wrote:

Has anyone already written a tool to turn Mhonarc archives back into mbox
Not that I am aware of.

OK, I guess I have a job to do.  I'm kind of surprised that noone has ever
asked for this capability before, though.  I guess everyone (except me) is
smart enough to keep the original mbox around just in case.  I hope that
the people over at are doing that in case VA Linux
ever decides to pull the plug.  They are managing over 5,000 mailing lists
with Mhonarc!

The tool is non-trivial since dealing with attachments is the ugly
part, and there will always be some loss of information (which may
be acceptable in your case).

It should be alright.  We've always had a pretty strict "text-only" policy
and plenty of net-cops to politely explain to offenders how to
re-configure their mail clients not to send HTML-formatted messages.

As a start, look at that is part of the MHonArc distribution
(used by mha-dbrecover).

Thanks, that was a good starting point for extracting header info from the
messages.  Is there also a subroutine for extracting bodies?  If so, I
hardly need to do any work! :-)


In glancing through the file, I ran across the following
line of code (line 58 of 2.3 99/06/25 14:18:01):

    $data =~ s|<<|\&lt;|gi;

Didn't you mean 

    $data =~ s|<|\&lt;|gi;


I did a grep for '<<' and didn't find it anywhere else except in file
operations.  I suspect a typo.

By the way, what revision control system are you using?  I've only used
CVS before and I was wondering about the @(#) prefix in the file IDs.

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