Re: Does mhonarc2mbox exist?

2000-10-24 08:54:55
I had to do this. A programmer who works with me on my mailing list has scripts that seemed to have worked okay. His name is Les Schaffer and he can be reached at: godzilla(_at_)optonline(_dot_)net(_dot_)

At 11:19 AM 10/24/00 +0200, Erik Rossen wrote:
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On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Earl Hood wrote:

> > Has anyone already written a tool to turn Mhonarc archives back into mbox
> > format?
> Not that I am aware of.

OK, I guess I have a job to do.  I'm kind of surprised that noone has ever
asked for this capability before, though.  I guess everyone (except me) is
smart enough to keep the original mbox around just in case.  I hope that
the people over at are doing that in case VA Linux
ever decides to pull the plug.  They are managing over 5,000 mailing lists
with Mhonarc!

> The tool is non-trivial since dealing with attachments is the ugly
> part, and there will always be some loss of information (which may
> be acceptable in your case).

It should be alright.  We've always had a pretty strict "text-only" policy
and plenty of net-cops to politely explain to offenders how to
re-configure their mail clients not to send HTML-formatted messages.

> As a start, look at that is part of the MHonArc distribution
> (used by mha-dbrecover).

Thanks, that was a good starting point for extracting header info from the
messages.  Is there also a subroutine for extracting bodies?  If so, I
hardly need to do any work! :-)


In glancing through the file, I ran across the following
line of code (line 58 of 2.3 99/06/25 14:18:01):

    $data =~ s|<<|\&lt;|gi;

Didn't you mean

    $data =~ s|<|\&lt;|gi;


I did a grep for '<<' and didn't find it anywhere else except in file
operations.  I suspect a typo.

By the way, what revision control system are you using?  I've only used
CVS before and I was wondering about the @(#) prefix in the file IDs.

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