Re: Does mhonarc2mbox exist?

2000-10-23 18:01:05
On October 23, 2000 at 19:49, Erik Rossen wrote:

I have a bit of a problem.  We were using Mhonarc to keep an online
archive of the messages of our LUG and one black day our server died.  The
msg*.html files and indexes had been properly backed up, but we lost the
mbox files.


Has anyone already written a tool to turn Mhonarc archives back into mbox

Not that I am aware of.

If such a tool does not exist I'll write it myself, but I would rather not
re-invent the wheel.  I've looked on Freshmeat and in the Mhonarc FAQ, but
no joy.

The tool is non-trivial since dealing with attachments is the ugly
part, and there will always be some loss of information (which may
be acceptable in your case).

As a start, look at that is part of the MHonArc distribution
(used by mha-dbrecover).


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