Re: Where can you have a definevar?

2000-10-24 16:21:49
On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Earl Hood wrote:

not the last message.  To be more technical, thread output is done
via a recursive subroutine, so when TTOPEND is evaluated, you are
back to the first invocation of the subroutine, where TTOPBEG was

That makes sense.

$DATE(TPARENT)$ probably evaluates to nothing.  


Be nice if you could throw some perl code into the resource to do a bit of

This requires a user to know about the internals of MHonArc.  I try
to avoid this.  

Probably a good idea.

What I will do is add the following message specifiers:

      TTOP - Top/root message of current thread
      TEND - End/last message of cuurent thread

and, the following resource variable:

      $MSGTORDNUM$ - The oridinal number of message within a thread

Therefore, you should be able to do the following in TTOPEND to get
the number of messages in a thread:


Last night, I made the additions to my development copy of MHonArc,
and they appear to work.

Great. Does that mean I can also do $DATE(TTOP) and $DATE(TEND) in

How do I get a copy of the latest code? From
or somewhere else? I am using debian and currently have mhonarc installed
from a deb, so I will have to remove that and "go with the source luke".

BTW, $DATE$ gives you the raw date string of the message.  You may want
to use the $MSG*DATE$ variables instead since you can customize the

Yea I had a play with those.

Thanks heaps for the help.


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